Armed with more than 15 years experience across the retail and media industry and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I set up my company on the back the profile I developed within the industry through writing, PR and public speaking.

Over the years, I have developed a reputation for championing independent businesses and emerging brands, while working with large event organisers and fashion groups to maximize exposure and develop contacts. I spent 4 years working as the Retail Columnist for the Fashion Association of Britain and their national membership of independent fashion retailers. Specialising in trade shows, fashion events and the independent retail scene, I leverage my contacts and media experience to bridge the gaps between sectors. Some of the PR projects I've worked on include the Fashion Association of Britain, Pure London, Sargossa, Linzi shoes; Out of Xile, Anonyme Designers, Bunker footwear, Love Brands Ltd – the latter three being finalists and winners in the prestigious Drapers Awards.

I started my career in consumer magazine publishing before joining my mother's womenswear boutique in a PR and marketing capacity while still working as freelance fashion writer. My role in independent retail PR has been responsible for Drapers Awards and other industry award successes. My role at fashion trade shows (Pure London, Scoop, London Fashion Week and MODA) and my informal PR work has earned me the respect and credibility from brands and retailers alike and has led to involvement in PR in the field of event organisation. Copy writing, ghost writing, procuring editorial and public speaking are central to my work and involve regular contributions to the trade press contributions (Drapers, WWB, MWB, Boutique Magazine, Underlines) and Regional Lifestyle magazines such as Essex Life.

From my background in retail, I'm able to give fresh and pertinent insights to brands and retailers alike, offering a unique perspective which large PR companies are unable to do.
To date I have supported clients through re-positioning, copy writing for trade and consumer press, blog writing, building campaigns, preparing for industry awards, raising brand awareness, implementing digital campaigns,public speaking and engaging in social media support.

Whether it’s a small start-up business, a brand exhibiting for the first time, a designer seeking to launch or an established brand or retailer looking to launch a re-positioning campaign, I offer a fresh and bespoke approach and a holistic strategy which delivers results . After all, if there’s one rule to remember in retail it’s this: if you keep doing the same thing you’ll continue to get the same results.

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